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Hello family i warm-heartedly share this Ghanaian ice cream recipe with you this is popularly known as abelewalls this will widely put smiles on everyone’s face as it brings lots of childhood memories back.
This recipe right here also helped us put food on our tables when times were hard so I am here to also share this easy way to start a very lucrative small business idea. I hope you grab a tip or 2 to improve your abelewalls fantasies
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~~~~~~~ingredients ~~~~~~~~~~~~
1/2 (50 grams)cup of all purpose flour (soft flour in Ghana)
1 cup (100grams)of milk powder (
1/4 cup of sweetened condensed milk
3 tsp of evaporated milk
2 cups of water
1 table spoon of vanilla essence
1 tsp of pineapple flavor essence

One secret ingredient (watch to find out🤫) makes a whole of difference.

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