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11 German One-Pot Dishes / German Stews / German Soups / German Eintopf

German one-pot dishes are the best comfort food for winter. If you would like to know what German stews and soups are, please keep on watching. In this video, we concentrate on all popular German Eintopf recipes – German meat stews and vegetarian stews!

Food mentioned in the video:
⇛ Pichelsteiner – Bavarian beef soup – ONE-POT
⇛ Linseneintopf – German Lentil Soup
RECIPE: https://cooking-the-world.com/german-lentil-soup-traditional-recipe/
⇛ Gaisburger Marsch – Swabian beef soup
⇛ Kartoffelsuppe – Potato Soup
⇛ Grüner Bohneneintopf – Green Bean Beef Soup
RECIPE: https://cooking-the-world.com/german-green-bean-soup-traditional-recipe/
⇛ Erbseneintopf – Green Pea Soup
⇛ Soljanka – DDR Style Soup
RECIPE: https://cooking-the-world.com/solyanka-soup/
⇛ Kohlsuppe – Cabbage Soup
⇛ Hühnersuppe – Chicken Soup
⇛ Steckrübeneintopf – Rutabaga Soup

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