Dessert Recipes
When you are on a ketogenic diet, there’s actually not much choices of dessert that you can have.
Therefore, I twisted this old school dessert a little so that everyone of you can enjoy it while on diet! This keto custard pudding is so soft, silky and smooth. Everyone from 1 year old to 100 years old can have it! Serve it hot or cold. Best of all, you will only need 4 ingredients!

Ingredients for 4 servings
– 4tbsp Erythritol (Or Sugar for Non-keto)
– 300ml Heavy Cream/ Almond Milk (Or Milk for Non-keto)
– 3 Eggs
– 1tsp Vanilla Essence


– 4湯匙 赤蘚糖醇(或白糖)
– 300毫升濃奶油/杏仁奶(或牛奶)
– 3個雞蛋
– 1茶匙 香草精

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