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Summer is on the way and we have a great recipe for this Summer

chocbaricecream #chocobaricecream #chocolateicecream
Today #foodworldwithmehek is sharing Choco Bar Ice cream recipe
#chocbaricecream #chocobaricecream #chocolateicecream
I am very happy to share this Homemade Chocobar Icecream Recipe with all of you

Homemade #ChocoBar #icecream eggless without ice cream maker.

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I am sure by this Homemade Chocobar Icecream Recipe you can impress or entertain your family members.

Chocolate Icecream bars are everyone’s favorite summer treat.

The preparation steps are described in the video
Chocolate Dipped Icecream Bars Recipe

I made delicious and super creamy ice cream bars

This is an eggless recipe which does not require an ice-cream machine, or any fancy ingredients.
Once you make them at home, you will not buy from the store anymore, this recipe is that perfect

The recipe is basically vanilla flavoured milk cream solid with a thick chocolate coating. the recipe is hugely appreciated by all kind of age groups but hugely popular with kids because of vanilla and chocolate flavour offering.

The chocolate ice cream bars we made are definitely inspired by the magnum bars, that is why I added crushed nuts to the outer chocolate shell, so delicious and fancy while really easy to make.
ice cream recipes are always a popular one in Pakistan and especially during summer or humid season
chocobar recipe is one such stick based ice cream prepared mainly with creamy vanilla and chocolate sauce.
There isn’t any rocket science to prepare the inner version or the vanilla flavoured but the coating of chocolate sauce can be tricky.if u will not follow the recipe
Always work with cold ice cream bar
Chocobar is all time Kid’s favourite… Basically, rich vanilla Ice-cream is coated by thin chocolate layer. Really refreshing in summer. Nothing better than this for kids in summer
Hope you will give this a try and let me know how it turns out for you..

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