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3 Chia Pudding Recipes | Simple Healthy Breakfast Meal Prep Ideas
These easy Chia puddings recipes are a healthy breakfast or snack option. Chia seeds have incredible health benefits. Chia pudding is a simple breakfast meal prep idea, that you can grab and go. I show how to make 3 variations of Chia pudding recipes, vanilla Chia pudding, chocolate Chia pudding, green tea Chia pudding. Adding an endless variety of topics Chia pudding will become a family breakfast favorite. If you have wondered how to make chia pudding, this video is easy to follow.

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~What I’m wearing
Silver Necklace Double Rings.
Bamboo Grey T-shirt
Linen Casual Pant
Red Apron

~What I’m using
Chia Seeds.
Oat Milk
8 oz Mason Jars
Maple Syrup
Cacao Powder
Green Tea Matcha Powder.
Ceramic Measuring Spoons

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