Breakfast Recipes
Every breakfast is also a great snack/post-workout meal.

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Macros yogurt bowl: 352 Calories, 35C, 11F, 34P
Skyr or greek yogurt 300g
strawberry 100g
blueberry 50g
honey 10g
walnuts 15g

Macros crepe: 379 Calories, 50C, 7F, 23P
AP flour 50g
Whole egg 1
Milk 100g
Sweetener 10-30g

Macros baked oatmeal: 498 Calories, 61C, 10F, 39P
Whole egg 1
Oats 50g
Banana 1
Milk 50g
Whey protein 30g
Baking powder 1g

Macros filled tortilla: 348 Calories, 48C, 9F, 20P
High protein tortilla 1
Peanut butter 10g
Banana 1
Greek yogurt 100g

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