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제누아즈는 이탈리안 스폰지케이크를 부르는 말 이지요. 화학적인 팽창제 없이 반죽에 달걀 거품을 형성하여 부풀도록 하는 것인데요.
전란을 한꺼번에 중탕하여 거품을 내는 방법과 노른자와 흰자를 따로 거품내는 방법 그리고 흰자만 머랭을 내고 노른자를 섞는 방법이있습니다.
이 영상은 마지막 방법을 이용한 바닐라 스폰지 케이크 만드는 법을 보여드리고있습니다.
어쩌면 전란을 중탕하여 거품내서 만드는 방법 보다 좀 덜 번거롭고 볼륨은 쉽게 올릴수 있는 좋은 방법이라고 할수 있습니다.
또 상대적으로 덜 가라앉고 기공이 촘촘해서 탄력이 더 있는 장점이 있어요.
생크림 케이크 시트용으로 적합 합니다.

여러분의 구독과 좋아요 감사합니다 ~^^
앞으로도 좋은 영상 만들어 가겠습니다.

높은 1호 원형팬 (지름15X높이7)

흰자 3(90~95g)
설탕 90g
노른자 3(50~55g)

박력분 90g
소금 1g

식용유 22g
바닐라액 3g (생략가능)

150도에서 40분 굽기


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Notice !

For about translating to other languages…

I am sorry but I don’t know every language except English.
Even my English is not fluent so that translating the descriptions in English takes time.
For other languages? it is too much load for me.
If you really want me to do… I wish I could…
But I can’t even read other languages so I do not know the translated recipe is right or not.
If I give you the wrong information you may get confused on that.
I am very thankful for you guys but it is hard work.
Please let me spend my time to make more good recipe videos.
Could you do that yourself by the Google translation tool?
You may understand the English so your translating skill to your language will be better. You would translate first. when if you need more information you ask me again. I can help you then.
Google will help you. this is awesome.

Thank you.


A Genoise is an Italian sponge cake that is leavened naturally with eggs using the foaming method which is the gentle warming of the eggs with sugar and beating them until they are foamy and thick without chemical leavening.
There are several ways to froth eggs. First, beating whole eggs at once. Secondly, foaming the yolks and whites separately, thirdly mix the yolk in the egg white meringue.
This video shows you how to make a vanilla sponge cake using the last method. 
Maybe it’s a little less cumbersome than frothing eggs by warming method, and it’s a good way to give the volume easily. 
It also has the advantage of being less flat and more firm. Suitable for fresh cream cake sheets.

1 round pan (Diameter 15cm X Height 7 cm)

90~95g egg white
90g sugar
3 (50-55g) egg yolks

90g cake flour
1 g salt

22g corn oil
30g milk
3g vanilla extract

Bake at 150 degrees for 40 minutes

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