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Healthy Low cal and high protein Churro French Toast Recipe!! Perfect breakfast for only 300 calories!

– 1 egg or 60g egg whites
– dash of cinnamon
– 10g protein (opt)- I use macromike vanilla buttercream protein (my fav!!!) discount code: AMB-ELIYAEATS
– 30ml almond milk
– 2 slices of low calorie bread – I use the ButterCup Country Split white bread (only 118 cals for 2 pieces)
– cinnamon sugar (I mix natural sweetener with cinnamon)
– 16g sf choc spread
Make your French toast batter
Make sure to mix your protein powder with the almond milk first before adding to the egg (minimises clumping)
Dip your bread into the mixture and pan fry on each side till golden brown
Add some cinnamon sugar on top of each slice & melt down the choc spread with a splash of almond milk and drizzle on top!
300 cals
C: 31.9
P: 17
F: 11.8

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