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In this dry fish recipe video you will be watching traditional dry fish curry from village style and anchovies fry (nithili karuvadu) cooking in our village house, Actually I have got 2 types of dry fishes from market but Valar has chosen anchovies dry fish for curry since it has extra tasty smelled while cooking and this curry tastes better with all types of main dishes like rice, dosa, idli, etc., but today we tasted with rice and Valar has giving me urundai soru in our agriculture farm land so its tastes better than usual

And after few days in a good morning Valar has used the another dry fish to make fry with it and I tasted it with palaya satham (old rice) really speaking it tastes awesome, so my opinion for you to taste the dry fishe dish with old rice to feel fantastic..

EP19: DRY FISHES || Drumstick Dry Fish Curry || Anchovies Fry || Village Recipe || The Traditional Life

🌱Also we plant a tree in this video on behalf of you “For us and for our earth against Global Warming”, In upcoming videos we will be planting trees regularly and just imagine these tress are belongs to you🌱

The Traditional Life, Is Happy to share that we are creating “An Organic Food Forest”, As a symbol of Your Love & Support..

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Glad To Say: We Are Inspired From 李子柒 Liziqi, Dianxi Xiaoge, Traditional Me, Poorna – The nature girl

Thanks You Very Much For The Wonderful Support #TheTraditionalLife #DryFishRecipe #AnchoviesFry

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