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To a distant eye, the onion yard seems like a field of paddy in a blueish tinge. It seems as if the yard of onion whispering secrets to the ever blowing wind. Even I could be carried away. Even if I plucked onions from the small yard the loss seems so little to the yield.
Feels bad if I was unable to make one of the most delicious delights, “Sinisambol Bread” to the family from the newly plucked onions. Add a bit more Maldive fish to it and the filling would taste magnanimous 🍔🧅🌶.
Father loved the tea I prepared by mixing cow’s milk with cocoa powder, having it churned on fire till the tea became full of cream. He tatsted every inch of it☕️. Not just just one slice of “Sinisambol Bread” but two with the tea🫣🤦🏽♀️.
Some left over carrots and capsicums were sliced together to make pickle including five to six onion bulbs. A little of it were made since my family doesn’t like pickle much… 🫣😂
Prawns and cuttlefish were seasoned with turmeric and salt, left to be grilled with potatoes, onion, garlic and tomato that late evening
Though I went to pick some wood in the dusk the heat of the sun was never old. On the way my sister handed me with a bag full of Madan/ Java Plum as gift from the heavens😍. As soon as I got home, made glass full of Madan squeezed a bit of lime to it since I was dying of thirst 🍇🫐🥤.
An endemic cuisine to Sri Lanka now a world famous delicacy is “Kottu”. As Sri Lankans love it so much, it is very difficult to get inside a “Kottu” shop around the evening as it is full of people.
At our home my little brother prepares it since he has mastered the art of making “Kottu”, the sound I make while making it is a bit of a nuisance🫣😂.
To night’s dinner serves a meat curry, roasted potato, baked prawn salad 🥔🍅🍤 with a dish of “Kottu”🍽. The juice blended with soda doesn’t taste so bad…😍
The closer you are to nature more blissful you become. As cessation of life become meaningful…🍂🍃
Blessing of the triple gem!!!🙏🏻
Love, Poorna🧡💛🌿

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